A Quick Guide to Planning Your Mobile Strategy for 2017

Know the best practices, upcoming trends and your own checklist to create a mobile strategy for 2017

Mobile is revolutionizing the way business is done.

 “Total global mobile app revenue is expected to $76.53 billion in 2017” (Statista)

 Businesses are no longer debating whether or not to build a mobile app. They already recognize the benefits they can gain by adopting mobile in a holistic, well-crafted approach. The appeal of mobility in helping break away from historical processes and maximize ROI is leading many companies to start planning an intelligent mobile strategy.

 We’re here to simplify this process for you. This eBook will equip you with the tools you will require in your arsenal in order to build a winning mobile strategy. Take a peek at what we cover:

  1.  Mobile application trends you must get to know
  2. How to kickstart your mobile strategy
  3. How to build an effective app development team
  4. Critical mistakes to avoid when building an app
  5. How to get started

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